Are probiotics safe for kids?


safe for kids



In the supplement world, probiotics are a hot commodity. Probiotics are among the most frequently used dietary supplements even in the U.S. They’re used to replenish good bacteria in the body. Most adults use probiotics without negative side effects, but are they safe for children? Here’s what you need to know before giving them to your kids.

Are Probiotics Safe for Your Child?

Probiotics naturally occur in a healthy human intestine and probiotic supplements are generally considered safe by the FDA. All you are doing by taking a probiotic supplement is adding more good bacteria to your gut. Therefore, probiotics are considered safe for kids. However, some probiotics may be more suitable for children than others. Make sure to read the product instructions for more information.

When you choose a probiotic for your child, look for the following:

  • Contains human bacterial strains
  • Shown to be safe and effective in clinical studies
  • Labeled as safe or recommended for children


If you're unsure of your kids’ health status, have multiple health problems,  check with your pediatrician before giving probiotic supplements to your child.

Unlike other probiotics, OraTix Kids Probiotics support many essential processes in the body including improved digestion, nutrient absorption, regular bowel movements, and even teeth and gums health. 

Your probiotic bacteria also play a critical role in immune function. 


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safe for kids