Our Patented Probiotics

oraCMU™ (Weissella cibaria CMU) and oraCMS1™ (Weissella cibaria CMS1) are our patented probiotics. Both probiotic strains that promote oral health were isolated from the saliva of 460 kids, who had healthy mouth.

Why OraTicx?

[Adhesive Properties]
According to the results of the clinical trial, which compared probiotics’ adhesive properties, active oraCMU™ was still
observed on the surface of oral cavity of 84% of participants, who stopped taking oraCMU™ 4 weeks ago.

[Suppression of Bad-Smelling Compounds]
oraCMU™ was proved to be the most effective in suppressing VSC and bad breath compared With 4 other probiotic strains.

[Coaggregation with Bacteria Which Cause Oral Diseases]
A comparative study of coaggregation of probiotics with bacteria, which cause oral diseases, found that oraCMU™ more
effectively disrupts bacterial activities leading to halitosis and periodontitis and prevents oral diseases than all other
probiotic strains concerned.

[Antibacterial Activities against Bacteria That Cause Halitosis or Periodontitis]
A comparative study of antibacterial activities of probiotics found that oraCMU™ is more effective to inhibit growth in
bacteria which cause halitosis and periodontitis than all other probiotic strains concerned.

[Low Caries Risk]

A comparative study of PAV of probiotic strains in carbohydrates found that oraCMU™ is the least likely to influence the development of dental caries

[Significant Reduction in Plaque]

The clinical trial to investigate the efficacy of probiotic strains in preventing dental caries discovered that oraCMU™ has greater inhibitory effects on plaque formation than probiotic strains provided by other companies.

[Inhibition of Plaque Formation by S. Mutans]

A comparative study of probiotic strains’ inhibitory effects on plaque formation by bacteria(S. mutans) that cause dental caries discovered that oraCMU™ inhibits plaque formation most efficiently.
Probiotics for Oral Health
1 U.S. Patent & 8 Korea Patents

Experience the power of our patented oral probiotics. Our scientifically proven solution offers a fundamental way to combat various oral problems

A Combination of Mechanisms of Action

Optimized Coaggregation of Probiotics

Our probiotics join forces with harmful bacteria, blocking their ability to stick to your teeth and epithelial cells. This teamwork helps eliminate pathogenic bacteria and keeps your teeth and gums healthy and strong.

Plaque-Busting Action

Our unique formula targets the pesky bacteria that cause cavities, stopping them from producing the sticky substances that lead to plaque buildup.

Natural Defenders:
4 Antimicrobial Warriors

Our probiotics release powerful antimicrobial substances, like organic acids, hydrogen peroxide, fatty acids, and bacteriocin, to help stop the growth of bad-breath and gum disease-causing bacteria.

Shield Against Oral Invaders

Our probiotics act as a robust shield, expertly inhibiting the adherence of harmful bacteria to epithelial cells, thus effectively reducing the risk of halitosis and gum disease.

Shut Down Bad Breath at its Source

Our probiotics tackle the root cause of bad breath by inhibiting the genes and enzymes responsible for producing VSC, the main offender behind that unpleasant odor.

Inflammation-Fighting Formula

Our oral health-focused probiotics help to block the production of inflammation-promoting substances (NO, IL-1B, and IL-6), supporting a healthy, balanced environment in your mouth.

Brand history

The Beginning of Research
on Probiotics for Oral Health kickstarted by Dr. Jong-Suk Oh


Successfully Isolated 4 Probiotic Strains: CMU, CMS1, CMS2, CMS of the 1,640 strains derived from the saliva of children with healthy oral cavities, OraPharm isolated 4 strains (oraCMU™, oraCMS1™, oraCMS2™, oraCMS3™) that have excellent functions in safety, oral colonization, and control of harmful bacteria


Obtained Multiple Patents
We have obtained multiple patents and certificates related to probiotics since 2006.


OraTicx was established in 2014 as a company specializing in probiotics for oral health. Dr. Mi-Sun Kang who is the core member of the research team led by Dr. Oh became chief of R&D and has been doing various research on the oral cavity ever since.


Weissella cibaria is recognized as a food ingredient
by the Ministry of Food and Drug Safety (MFDS).


Certificate of New Excellent Technology is issued by Ministry of Health and Welfare (MOUW) to the company


Obtained Patent of Composition for preventing or improving cavities containing Weisella ciberia strains
Kick-started Antivirus Study with probiotics


"Pet Biome" which is Probiotics for Pet Launched
Started exporting OraTicx Green Breath and Oradenti to Australia
Orapharm USA was established in Irvine, California
MOU with Chosun University on the development of probiotics for the Prevention of dementia


Global brand "OraTicx" newly launched
Probiotics for Kids " OraTicx Kids" launched
MOU with CJ Wellcare on the development of probiotics
2022 Korea Prestige Brand Award