OraTicx is pioneering oral health by replacing traditional, chemically-driven treatments with natural solutions.
Our innovative oral probiotics reinstate the mouth's microbial balance, tackling the core cause of oral issues.
With OraTicx, experience holistic oral care that harmonizes your oral ecosystem, naturally.

oraCMU™ & oraCMS1™

Our Unique, Patented Probiotics

Our uniquely formulated, patented probiotics, oraCMU™ (Weissella cibaria CMU) and oraCMS1™ (Weissella cibaria CMS1), are your allies in the pursuit of impeccable oral health. These exceptional probiotic strains have been delicately isolated from the saliva of 460 children, each boasting of a naturally healthy mouth.

Pioneered through rigorous scientific research and clinical studies, oraCMU™ and oraCMS1™ bring the science of oral well-being right to your daily routine. Our probiotics are backed by concrete scientific evidence, ensuring that they are not just effective, but specialized in fortifying your oral health.

Embark on a journey of transformation with our patented probiotics, curated meticulously for your oral health, offering a harmonious blend of nature's best and cutting-edge science. Get ready to unveil your brightest smile with the power of oraCMU™ and oraCMS1™!


An overwhelming 90% of oral health issues arise as a direct result of harmful bacteria residing in your mouth!
1. Halitosis
2. Periodontal Disease
3. Cavities
Clinically Proven Efficacy
Resilient Probiotic Survival

Our research has clinically demonstrated the exceptional resilience of our oral probiotics. Even 28 days after cessation of intake, 84% of the probiotic population continues to thrive. This enduring viability underscores the robustness and long-term benefits of our probiotics.

The Role of oraCMU™ & oraCMS1™ in Addressing Key Oral Health Concerns

1. Enhanced Oral Health Post-Treatment

2. Decreased Volatile Sulfur Compounds (VSCs) Production

3. Inhibition of Odoriferous Substances by Oral Bacteria
1. Demonstrated Decrease in Dental Plaque Index

2. Efficacy in Preventing Plaque Accumulation
1. Suppression of Contributing Factors to Gingival Inflammation

2. Notable Reduction in Periodontal Tissue Damage

3. Significant Decrease in Gingival Bleeding Index

Synergistic Strategies: The Power of 6 Mechanisms to Combat Harmful Bacteria

Optimized Coaggregation of Probiotics

Our probiotics join forces with harmful bacteria, blocking their ability to stick to your teeth and epithelial cells. This teamwork helps eliminate pathogenic bacteria and keeps your teeth and gums healthy and strong.

Plaque-Busting Action

Our unique formula targets the pesky bacteria that cause cavities, stopping them from producing the sticky substances that lead to plaque buildup.

Natural Defenders: 4 Antimicrobial Warriors

Our probiotics release powerful antimicrobial substances, like organic acids, hydrogen peroxide, fatty acids, and bacteriocin, to help stop the growth of bad-breath and gum disease-causing bacteria.

Shield Against Oral Invaders

Our probiotics act as a robust shield, expertly inhibiting the adherence of harmful bacteria to epithelial cells, thus effectively reducing the risk of halitosis and gum disease.

Shut Down Bad Breath at its Source

Our probiotics tackle the root cause of bad breath by inhibiting the genes and enzymes responsible for producing VSC, the main offender behind that unpleasant odor.

Inflammation-Fighting Formula

Our oral health-focused probiotics help to block the production of inflammation-promoting substances (NO, IL-1B, and IL-6), supporting a healthy, balanced environment in your mouth.

1 U.S. Patent & 8 Korea Patents

Probiotics for Oral Health

Experience the power of our patented oral probiotics. Our scientifically proven solution offers a fundamental way to combat various oral problems