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Product Information

New desiccant-lined bottle technology for shelf stable probiotics. Store in a dry, cool place. No no refrigeration required but best if refrigerated.

Take 1 to 3 lozenges a day. Do not swallow whole or chew. You can take any time of day, but let the lozenge slowly dissolve in the mouth after normal oral hygiene before you go to bed for best results.

It is recommended to take one lozenge after brushing. Xylitol tastes sweet but, unlike sugar, it is not converted in the mouth to acids that cause tooth decay.

Allowing it to dissolve slowly in your mouth is the most effective way for receiving the benefits from this oral probiotic tablet. It is chewable. However, we do not recommend you to chew or swallow it.

Timing for results is different for everyone since each microbiome is unique. Taking this product consistently will help ensure that you are getting the key supportive ingredients. We recommend you to use as little as 7 days of consistent use but it can take 1-2 months of consistent use for most users to notice some results.

OraTicx oral probiotics works by repopulating and balancing your oral microbiome with beneficial bacteria. We suggest you to take OraTicx as regularly as possible to replenish what gets lost over time. Make your best daily oral care routine: 1. Brush 2. Floss, and 3. OraTicx!

All OraTicx products are recommended for 3+ Age. However, OraTicx Kids are strongly recommended for ages 3 - 12 years.

About oral probiotics

Oral Probiotics, also called Dental Probiotics, are specific strains of bacteria known to support a healthy mouth and improve oral health. They encourage the growth of good bacteria and stop the growth of bad bacteria.The mouth has its diverse bacterial community known as the oral microbiome. Oral probiotics use good bacteria to improve the health of the microbiome in the mouth and they are most effective when delivered directly to the mouth via such as lozenges. Oral probiotic supplements deliver these bacterial strains directly to your mouth so that they can colonize the surfaces in your mouth and form biofilms. The use of oral probiotics may offer health benefits because of the way they boost the immune system of the mouth.

Yes, Probiotics in oral health are supported by years of research and work to improve oral health, especially for people who have existing dysbiosis (a disruption in the balance of bacterial communities) in their oral microbiome. The benefits of dental probiotics are evident in every part of the mouth because a healthy oral microbiome is the key to oral health. The good bacteria in oral probiotics can create biofilms to replace those created by undesirable bacteria. These new biofilms not only support the health of teeth and gums and reduce inflammation, but they can also block bad bacteria from reaching enamel or gum tissue to wreak havoc.

More than 700 kinds of bacteria can live in your mouth : some helpful, and some harmful. As long as they're in balance, the “GOOD” kind keep the “BAD” ones from hurting you.But if that balance gets out of whack, the harmful ones can take hold and lead to gum disease. You might have heard how good bacteria help with this kind of imbalance in your gut. Scientists have found that oral probiotics help fight gum disease in much the same way.

Dental probiotics should not cause side effects. One of the benefits of dental probiotics is that they are “extremely safe” for human use. However, you should avoid taking them if you have a high risk of infection due to your special health conditions, always talk to your doctor in these cases before you start taking any supplements.

Oral/Dental probiotics are completely different from the probiotics needed for digestion. Specifically, the Weissella cibaria oraCMU™ and oraCMS1™ strains have been found to be especially beneficial when it comes to the health of the oral cavity and bad breath. Both probiotic strains that promote oral health were isolated from the saliva of 460 kids, who had healthy mouth.Gut probiotics typically come in capsule form so they can reach the stomach and quickly begin to do their job. Oral probiotics, on the other hand, are typically in the form of a lozenge that is dissolved in the mouth after normal oral care. Using a lozenge provides longer exposure time than other methods so that more good bacteria are able to colonize the oral cavity.

CFU stands for Colony Forming Units. What this means is the number of alive and active microorganisms in one serving of a probiotic dietary supplement. These are typically measured in CFUs per gram or per milliliter.

All OraTicx products are Vegetarian, all natural, and do not contain any chemicals, pesticides, herbicides or preservatives of any kind. We say vegetarian intend of vegan simply because while this formula does not contain any animal by-products, it may contain trace amounts of the milk protein casein that is necessary for the fermentation process.

Actually, there is no approval process for any probiotics with the FDA. However, our oral probiotic strain, known as Weissella cibaria CMU (oraCMU), has been officially recognized as Generally Recognized As Safe (GRAS) by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

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