Why Standard Oral Care May Not Be Enough

The Paradox of Toothpaste and Mouthwash
While these products can suppress harmful bacteria, excessive use can also wipe out the beneficial ones, disrupting your mouth's microbiota balance. If beneficial bacteria levels drop too low, harmful bacteria can thrive, creating a conducive environment for oral diseases.
Correct Toothpaste Application
We recommend applying a pea-sized amount of toothpaste to your dry toothbrush. Overuse can result in excessive foam, reducing brushing efficiency and leaving residues of harmful ingredients such as surfactants even after rinsing.
Mouthwash Risks
Some mouthwashes contain high amounts of essential oils and ethanol. These ingredients can cause sensations of heat and numbing in your mouth. Ethanol removes impurities but also dries out the oral mucosa and kills beneficial bacteria. Therefore, we advise against frequent usage.

A healthy oral environment is one where beneficial bacteria thrive

Our mouths are home to various microbes, and oral health depends on maintaining a balanced microbial community. When beneficial bacteria thrive, they can colonize oral tissues like teeth, gums, and tongue, creating a healthy equilibrium.

The OraTicx Solution - Restoring Oral Microbial Balance

OraTicx probiotics are designed to compete with other bacteria, inhibiting the growth and spread of harmful bacteria in the mouth. They help restore your oral microbial balance, providing a more fundamental and sustainable approach to maintaining oral health.