Can coffee damage your teeth?


coffee damage your teeth



☕ Coffee, like any other non-water beverage, promotes the growth of bacteria in your mouth, which produces acids that can lead to tooth and enamel degradation. Your teeth may become thin and fragile as a result of this.

The acid not only erodes the enamel of your teeth but also has a variety of additional direct effects on your general oral health.

Coffee can also cause bad breath or halitosis, because it sticks to the tongue. To avoid these problems, eat food before you drink coffee, and use a tongue scraper and toothbrush after you finish drinking.

Remember, coffee is acidic. Brushing your teeth immediately after eating or drinking anything acidic weakens tooth enamel and causes staining.

Eating certain foods might also help remedy stains. Raw fruits and vegetables — like strawberries and lemons— contain natural fibers that clean teeth by breaking down bacteria.

How do you enjoy coffee and avoid stains? Simply put, drink in moderation. Dentists suggest no more than two cups a day. In addition, don’t neglect regular daily oral hygiene, takes 1 OraTicx Dental Probiotics a day and visits to your local dental office twice a year.

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