Dental care tips after braces


Maintaining Oral Hygiene: Dental Care Tips for Braces Wearers

dental care tips


Practicing proper oral hygiene should always be a priority. But that takes on a whole new level when you’re wearing braces. 😋


Once a new wearer of braces makes it through the initial adjustment period, which only takes a week or two, the rest is easy. 

The following is a list of six really great tips that can help anyone adjust to wearing their new braces.


☑️Soft food

☑️Rinse the mouth with salt water

☑️Addressing sore spots

☑️Take pain medication as needed

☑️A good oral hygiene routine

☑️Take Oral Probiotics for oral microbiome balance


To make sure you enjoy that smile, in the end, let’s look at these oral hygiene tips to follow while wearing braces. 👇 

✅ Regular Brushing Is Key

✅ Add a Different Kind of Brush

✅ Don’t Forget to Floss

✅ Cut Out Chewing Habits and Protect Your Braces


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