How does OraTicx work in your mouth?



Let's take a closer look at the role of OraTicx's patented oral probiotics in the mouth.
  1. Excellent Coaggregation
If you take oral probiotic, it sticks to harmful bacteria and fundamentally prevents cavities or periodontitis-causing bacteria from settling in the gums or teeth. Academically, this is called coaggregation of oral probiotics.
2. Inhibiting the formation of cavity-causing substances
Streptococcus mutans is a significant contributor to tooth decay and it produces sticky substances in the mouth. But, OraTicx oral probiotics prevent this S.mutans bacteria from producing sticky substances in your mouth. It suppresses S. mutans bacteria so that sticky and uneven biofilm is not produced on the surface of the teeth.
3. Secretion of antibacterial substances
One of the advantages of OraTicx is that it actively produces antibacterial substances. OraTicx oral probiotics secrete hydrogen peroxide, organic acids, fatty acids, and bacteriocins, which act as antibacterial agents. This antibacterial substance inhibits the synthesis of sulfur compounds, the cause of bad breath, and prevents periodontal pathogenic bacteria from growing. This scientific principle is also the reason why bad breath decreases significantly when ingested with OraTicx.
4. Inhibition of attachment and Invasion of pathogen bacteria
OraTicx oral probiotics compete fiercely with harmful bacteria in the mouth to settle in the gums the fastest. Because of this characteristic of OraTicx competing with other harmful bacteria to settle in the gums, if it is consumed steadily, harmful bacteria lose their power in your mouth.
5. Inhibiting the production of volatile sulfur compounds
The role of volatile sulfur compound (VSC)-producing bacteria colonizing the tongue has been implicated as a main cause for halitosis. But OraTicx oral probiotics inhibit the formation of this VSC. So, you can feel a refreshing breath with OraTicx as the root cause of bad breath is eliminated.
6. Inhibiting the production of inflammatory substances
There are various inflammatory substances in the mouth. These substances are the main causes of periodontitis, canker sores, and tooth inflammation. When this inflammatory substance increases, various inflammatory diseases in the mouth progress and your oral health deteriorates. OraTicx's patented oral probiotic strain, oraCMU inhibit the formation of inflammatory substances in the mouth.