How to protect you from bad bacteria in your mouth?

The answers are oral probiotics, oraCMUTM and oraCMS1TM


bad bacteria


OraTicx proved that oral probiotics eliminates or suppresses bad bacteria in the mouth through seven human application tests.

According to the research paper on human application introduced in the SCI-level international academic journal ≪BMC Oral Health≫, the oral lactic acid bacteria strain oraCMUTM reduced the gum bleeding index by 47.8%. In addition, it was found to reduce the amount of Fusobacterium nucleatum, the causative agent of periodontal disease and bad breath, by 79.6%.

According to the research paper on human application introduced in the Journal of the Korean Dental Hygiene Association, oral probiotic strain oraCMUTM improved oral health by reducing various levels.

▼ Halitosis awareness 38.2% ▼ Sensory bad breath 43% ▼ tongue tongue index 41.8%, etc., decreased bad breath and tongue texture. The saliva buffering ability to prevent acidification of saliva was increased by 20.3%, helping to reduce tooth decay and tooth decay.


Here are the Competitiveness of OraTicx for oral health & Technology

  1. Adhesive Properties

According to the results of the clinical trial, which compared probiotics’ adhesive properties, active oraCMUTM was still observed on the surface of oral cavity of 84% of participants, who stopped taking oraCMUTM 4 weeks ago.

    2. Suppression of Bad-Smelling Compounds

OraCMUTM> was proved to be the most effective in suppressing VSC and bad breath compared With 4 other probiotic strains.

   3. Coaggregation with Bacteria Which Cause Oral Diseases

A comparative study of coaggregation of probiotics with bacteria, which cause oral diseases, found that oraCMUTM more effectively disrupts bacterial activities leading to halitosis and periodontitis and prevents oral diseases than all other probiotic strains concerned.

   4. Antibacterial Activities against Bacteria That Cause Halitosis or Periodontitis

A comparative study of antibacterial activities of probiotics found that oraCMUTM is more effective to inhibit growth in bacteria which cause halitosis and periodontitis than all other probiotic strains concerned. [Low Caries Risk] A comparative study of PAV of probiotic strains in carbohydrates found that oraCMUTM is the least likely to influence the development of dental caries.

5. Significant Reduction in Plaque

The clinical trial to investigate the efficacy of probiotic strains in preventing dental caries discovered that OraCMUTM has greater inhibitory effects on plaque formation than probiotic strains provided by other companies.

6. Inhibition of Plaque Formation by S. Mutans
A comparative study of probiotic strains’ inhibitory effects on plaque formation by bacteria(S. mutans) that cause dental caries discovered that oraCMUTM> inhibits plaque formation most efficiently.



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