The Power of oraCMU: Inhibiting F. nucleatum Growth by 99.99% for Better Oral Health

the power of oraCMU

Introduction of oraCMU

Oral health is of paramount importance not only for a confident smile but also for overall well-being. A common issue faced in oral care is the presence of harmful bacteria such as Fusobacterium nucleatum (F. nucleatum), which is associated with bad breath and periodontal diseases. Fortunately, a recent discovery has shown that the mixed cultivation of F. nucleatum and a novel oral probiotic, oraCMU, can inhibit the growth of F. nucleatum by an astonishing 99.99%. In this blog post, we will explore the science behind this breakthrough and the promising implications for oral health care.

The Role of F. nucleatum in Oral Health

F. nucleatum is a gram-negative, anaerobic bacterium that is commonly found in the human oral cavity. It plays a significant role in the development of periodontal diseases, such as gingivitis and periodontitis, and is a major contributor to bad breath (halitosis). The presence of F. nucleatum can lead to the formation of dental plaque, inflammation of gum tissues, and even tooth loss if left unchecked.

the power of oraCMU

The Power of oraCMU: A Novel Oral Probiotic

oraCMU is an oral probiotic strains which was discovered in 2004 that has shown remarkable potential in inhibiting the growth of F. nucleatum. This microorganism secretes various antibacterial substances, such as hydrogen peroxide (H2O2), organic acids, fatty acids, and bacteriocin. Hydrogen peroxide, in particular, is an essential factor in oraCMU's effectiveness. Research has found that oraCMU produces at least 2 to 23 times more hydrogen peroxide than other oral probiotics. This increased production allows oraCMU to effectively suppress the growth of harmful bacteria, including F. nucleatum.

the power of oraCMU

Inhibiting F. nucleatum Growth by 99.99%

The mixed cultivation of F. nucleatum and oraCMU has demonstrated a significant reduction in the growth of F. nucleatum – up to 99.99%. This outstanding result is primarily attributed to the increased secretion of hydrogen peroxide by oraCMU, which effectively neutralizes F. nucleatum and prevents the formation of dental plaque.

Implications for Oral Health Care

The discovery of oraCMU's inhibitory effect on F. nucleatum growth has far-reaching implications for oral health care. The use of oraCMU as a probiotic supplement provide an effective solution for preventing bad breath and periodontal diseases caused by F. nucleatum and could contribute to the maintenance of a healthy oral microbiome, further supporting overall oral health.


The groundbreaking discovery of oraCMU's ability to inhibit F. nucleatum growth by 99.99% offers new hope for improved oral health care. As researchers continue to explore the potential applications of oraCMU, we can look forward to a future where bad breath and periodontal diseases are more effectively managed, and our smiles are healthier and more confident than ever.