The Tooth Fairy is real?


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💁‍♀️ The tooth fairy is a famous American myth that teaches children about dental health.

While this time of reckoning will come, enjoy the tooth fairy's enchantment and fantasy with your child for as long as you can.


USA, Canada, England, Denmark, Australia are the countries that believe in the Tooth Fairy. The Tooth Fairy is invisible and cannot be seen. She only visits at night when children are sound asleep. A child should leave their clean tooth under their pillow and will find a gift the next morning.

What about other countries? There are so many different ways to believe like a tradition of the tooth fairy.

Countries that believe a mouse takes their tooth from under their pillow and leaves gifts

  • France, Mexico, Spain, Venezuela, Colombia

Countries that throw their tooth on the roof for “GOOD LUCK” and wish for a new tooth

  • Korea, Taiwan, India, Greece, Indonesia

Countries that throw their lower tooth on the roof and throw their upper tooth in the dirt, because the new tooth will grow toward the old one and will come in straight

  • Japan, China, Singapore, Thailand, Vietnam

Countries that throw their tooth in a mouse or rat hole and hope the mice will give them back a strong white tooth

  • Russia, Bangladesh


The tooth fairy may not be real, but it's still a fun way to talk to your kids about their oral health.