What are all the types of teeth?




Most adults have about 32 permanent adult teeth, and the teeth may be divided into the following four categories:




🔹Incisors - The incisors are the types of teeth that greet your friends, family, and grace your photographs.

🔹Canines - The second type of tooth is the canine. Adults have four canines in all, one on each side of the top and bottom incisors. You can find your canines just at the curve of your dental arch on both sides of your jaw.

🔹Premolars - Just behind your canines are your premolars. Adults have four premolars, four on the top and bottom of their jaw. Premolars have two cusps. They are flat on top and are used to, surprise, surprise, chewing food.

🔹Molars - Your molars are next to your premolars. They are your widest, flattest teeth and are the strongest, most powerful teeth.