What is the right dosage for probiotics?



dosage for probiotics


Wonder how many probiotics you should be taking per day? 🤔
Probiotics are measured or quantified in what's known as colony-forming units (CFU). These indicate the number of viable cells (i.e., live microbes) in the probiotic product, the National Institutes of Health (NIH) explains.
There is no exact proper dosage of probiotics for everyone, however, most targeted probiotic supplements will deliver strains at 1 to 30 billion CFU per serving.
Probiotics are easily one of the best supplements that benefit everyone's life. They are generally extremely safe for everyone over the age of one year.  You cannot overdose on probiotics, so making it a habit to add them to your life would not be detrimental anyway. 
Since OraTicx is oral probiotics in lozenge form, it is recommended age 3 and over who are able to dissolve them in the mouth.  Take 1 to e lozenges a day. Slowly dissolve the lozenge in the mouth as long as you can. 
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