When was the last time you had a dental check-up?


The Importance of Regular Dental Check-ups

dental check-up


The most common reason someone does not schedule a check-up is that they believe there is no need to see a dentist if they cannot see anything amiss and are not experiencing any discomfort.

This is simply not true.

When you come in for a check-up for a comprehensive inspection, the dentists may discover small concerns, and early treatment may save you money on costly oral surgery.

👉 Consider your check-up to be a precautionary measure, and a clean bill of health will provide you with peace of mind.

dental check-up

How often should I go to the dentist?

It’s important to see your dentist twice a year, so that your dentist can check for problems that you might not see or feel.

Are there people who need more frequent or less frequent appointments?

Twice yearly appointments work well for most people.
However, some people may need to be seen more often. Such people include those who have:
-Gum disease
-Family members with a history of plaque build-up or cavities
-A weakened immune system (the body’s own ability to fight off infections and diseases)
-Experienced certain life events -- particularly those that cause stress or illness. Under these circumstances, changes in the mouth or an infection could occur.

On the other hand, people who have taken great care of their teeth and gums and have gone years without any problems might need to see the dentist less often.


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