2023 Korean Food Brand Power of the Year No. 1' award


korean food brand power

The oral probiotics specialist brand 'OraTicx' has won the '2023 Korean Food Brand Power of the Year No. 1' award in the oral probiotics category.

The 'Korean Brand Power No. 1 of the Year' award was established to discover companies that have dominated the market amidst the social and economic changes of the next normal era, creating sustainable value and deeply resonating with customers' lives.

OraTicx is an R&D-driven oral probiotics specialist company that pioneered a new field of 'oral probiotics' in the domestic probiotics market, which has been mainly focused on intestinal probiotics. In February, the company changed its name from 'Orapharm' to 'OraTicx' to express its commitment to growing as a global oral probiotics brand.

Furthermore, the brand has been researching oral probiotics derived only from Korean children since 1997, without relying on foreign strains. It has acquired a total of 9 oral probiotic-related patents in Korea and the United States and has demonstrated unparalleled achievements, such as publishing 33 oral probiotic-related papers in Korea (the highest number) and conducting 8 clinical trials.

In addition, last April, the company obtained the American 'Self-Affirmed GRAS' for oral probiotic raw materials and entered the 'FDA GRAS' approval process in the United States.

OraTicx is a compound word of 'oral' and 'probiotics', and it's a research-centered oral probiotics specialist company. We will continue to grow as a company leading the 'oral microbiome era' through continuous research on oral probiotics.


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