A joint study of OraTicx and Seoul National University School of Dentistry 'Improvement of oraCMU' was listed as a SCIE-level paper

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A joint study by Oral Probiotics Company OraTicx and a research team at Seoul National University School of Dentistry, titled "The Effect of Improving Bad Breath of oraCMU(Weissella cibaria CMU)", has recently been published in the international journal Frontiers in Microbiology with an SCIE-level impact factor of 6.064.

The study was a randomized double-blind placebo control trial that assessed the effects of the probiotic bacteria Weissella cibaria CMU on 100 adults with halitosis, measuring the concentration of volatilization after 8 weeks. After 8 weeks of study, it was found that those taking probiotic tablets had a significantly lower concentration of volatile sulfur compounds (VSCs) than those taking placebos.

Additionally, psychological indicators such as depression, oral health-related quality of life, and subjective oral health status were significantly improved in the probiotics group. Out of the 50 people in the control group, 50 people took part in the test group and took one tablet of probiotics tablets.

Mi-sun Kang, the leader of the OraTicx Research Institute, declared that a joint study with Seoul National University School of Dentistry has confirmed the positive effects of oraCMU tablets on bad breath and psychological indicators in patients with bad breath.

The study demonstrated that oraCMU tablets can effectively reduce bad breath and positively contribute to the mental health of the patients.

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