oraCMU® - obtained a Patent in recognition of its Teeth Whitening



OraPharm Inc announced that it has obtained a patent in recognition of its teeth whitening function as an active ingredient in culture of Oral Probiotics strain oraCMU® . This patent acquisition is recognized that hydrogen peroxide produced by the oraCMU®  is effective in whitening teeth.


OraPharm Inc compared teeth whitening effects by treating artificial teeth stained in coffee solution for 4 weeks in invitro tests in oraCMU® , 3 lactobacillus-based lactic acid bacteria, 2 Streptococcus-based lactic acid.

As a result of the test, it was found that the whitening effect of artificial teeth treated in a 3% hydrogen peroxide solution and oraCMU® culture solution was the most excellent.

It showed a big difference from oraCMU®  treated with lactobacillus, streptococcus lactobacillus, and catalase. In particular, the low whitening effect in oraCMU®  treated with the catalase that decomposes hydrogen peroxide confirms that the hydrogen peroxide produced by oraCMU®  has a teeth whitening function.

In addition, it was confirmed that the largest amount of hydrogen peroxide was emitted from oraCMU®  culture when seven types of lactic acid bacteria were cultured for 16 hours under 37.7C conditions suitable for probiotics culture.

oraCMU®  was emitted with 9.79 nmol, Lactobacillus family with 4.78 nmol, 2.015 nmol, 0.882 nmol, Streptococcus family with 0.496 nmol, 0.412 nmol, and Weissella family with 6.827 nmol.

oraCMU® emitted 2 to 11 times more hydrogen peroxide than Lactobacillus and 20 to 24 times more hydrogen peroxide than Streptococcus.

An OraPharm official said, "Through seven human trials, oral probiotics strain oraCMU® has proven to prevent and improve oral diseases such as tooth decay, bad breath, and periodontal diseases," adding, "This patent is the first case in Korea that can prevent or delay tooth discoloration through ingestion of oral lactobacillus."


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