oraCMU and oraCMS1 -Therapeutic Efficacy of Asthma Improvement



oraCMU, oraCMS1 Therapeutic Efficacy of Asthma Improvement



OraTicx R&D team announced that a paper on the effect of improving asthma has been published in the international academic journal "Medicina (SCIE-class) on the 29th of September. 


The research paper "The Therapy Effectiveness of Weissella Cibaria CMU and CMS1 on Allergic Infection Exacerbated by Diesel Exhaust Particulate Matter in a Murine Asthma Model" was jointly conducted Research and Development Team and Chungbuk National University Veterinary College.


The study proved the efficacy of asthma-related treatments of Weissella cibaria CMU and CMS1 through in vivo testing , and used diesel exhaust particulate matter (DEPM) which is an asthma-related pollutant, and Synatura as an active control.


Dr. Mi-sun Kang, the author of the paper, said, "It is a valuable result of confirming the excellence of the Weissella cibaria CMU and CMS1 strain and obtaining oral probiotics as effective in improving asthma."



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