Shelf Stable with Unique Vial Solution


Shelf Stable - No Refrigeration Required 

Since probiotics are sensitive to moisture and temperature, we pack them in special smart bottles to stable and ensure a shelf life with no refrigeration needed.


shelf stable with unique vial solution

The 3-Phase Activ-Polymer™ vials consists of one-piece, flip-top vials to protect products from moisture and oxygen. It delivers unparalled protection that ensures the product's stability and maximizes shelf life.


Because the 3-Phase Activ-Polymer™ sleeve completely surrounds the tablets inside the bottle, it provides 360-degree protection from moisture that would otherwise seep through the walls of a standard bottle with a desiccant sachet. Plus, the sleeve cannot be accidentally removed, providing assured protection throughout the users use cycle.




Aptar CSP Technologies: Fully Integrated Active Packaging System Combining Moisture Adsorption and Oxygen Scavenging Properties

Oxygen scavenging and moisture adsorption system added to Aptar CSP Technologies’ 3-phase Activ-Polymer platform technology portfolio.


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