The first oral probiotics to win the Korea Prestige Brand Award 2022


OraTicx, the first oral probiotics in Korea, announced that it had reorganized its website after winning the Korea Prestige Brand Award 2022. 

the first oral probiotics, Korea prestige brand award



The Korea Prestige Brand Award hosted the Korea Economic Daily, a prestigious domestic brand that celebrates its 18th year, and is selected based on consumer basic research, market share by sector, brand image, repurchase intention, satisfaction and preference.


OraTicx is a specialized R&D-focused company that pioneered functional probiotics called oral probiotics. Various studies were conducted to find K-probiotics suitable for Korean constitution.

As a result, oral probiotics strains oraCMU and oraCMS1 were isolated and identified from the mouths of Korean children. Through the human application test on the strain, the stability of the strain and the ability to suppress harmful bacteria are proven, so you can consume it with confidence.

OraTicx, the first oral probiotics in Korea, proved that oral probiotics eliminates or suppresses harmful bacteria in the mouth through seven human application tests.

According to the research paper on human application introduced in the SCI-level international academic journal ≪BMC Oral Health≫, the oral lactic acid bacteria strain oraCMU reduced the gum bleeding index by 47.8%. In addition, it was found to reduce the amount of Fusobacterium nucleatum, the causative agent of periodontal disease and bad breath, by 79.6%.

The function was also proven in domestic studies. According to the research paper on human application introduced in the Journal of the Korean Dental Hygiene Association, oral probiotic strain oraCMU improved oral health by reducing various levels.

▼ Halitosis awareness 38.2% ▼ Sensory bad breath 43% ▼ tongue tongue index 41.8%, etc., decreased bad breath and tongue texture. The saliva buffering ability to prevent acidification of saliva was increased by 20.3%, helping to reduce tooth decay and tooth decay.

On the other hand, OraTicx presented new possibilities for the prevention and treatment of upper respiratory tract infections by conducting an in vitro test on the action of oral probiotics oraCMU and oraCMS1 on upper respiratory tract infection for the first time in Korea.

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