OraTicx's Flagship Oral Probiotic Strain oraCMU Receives FDA GRAS Approval

oral probiotic strain

oraCMU, a groundbreaking oral probiotic strain, is recognized for its safety and efficacy in promoting oral health

April 19, 2023

OraTicx, a leading oral probiotics company, announced today that its flagship oral probiotic strain, Weissella cibara CMU (oraCMU), has been awarded the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) Generally Recognized As Safe (GRAS) approval. This significant milestone acknowledges the safety and technical capabilities of oraCMU, a strain that has demonstrated promising results in inhibiting dental caries and periodontitis-causing bacteria.

GRAS approval is a stringent safety recognition system managed by the FDA. Probiotic strains that receive this approval have been thoroughly evaluated and deemed safe for consumption by recognized experts. This achievement highlights OraTicx's commitment to producing high-quality, effective oral probiotics that support overall oral health.

OraTicx began researching the potential benefits of oral microbes in 1997, leading to the successful isolation of the strains Weissella cibaria oraCMU and oraCMS1 a decade later. These strains were initially found in the mouths of healthy Korean children and were subsequently developed into OraTicx oral probiotics.

The oraCMU strain, in particular, has shown great promise in recent studies. Research published in the international journal Microorganisms revealed that oraCMU effectively inhibits the growth of bacteria responsible for dental caries and periodontitis. This groundbreaking discovery has the potential to transform oral health care, offering a preventative approach to these common dental issues.

With the FDA GRAS approval in place, OraTicx's oraCMU oral probiotic strain is set to make a significant impact on the oral health industry. As consumers increasingly seek natural and effective ways to maintain their oral health, OraTicx is poised to become a major player in the rapidly growing oral probiotics market.

For more information on OraTicx and its FDA-approved oraCMU oral probiotic strain, visit the company's website at https://oraticxusa.com/pages/our-probiotics-oraticx