Research Paper no.2

research paper

Adhesion of Weissella cibaria to the Epithelial Cells and Factors Affecting its Adhesion : Research Paper no.2

Source : J Bacterol Virol. 2006;36(3):151–157. / KCI / in vitro

Authors : Mi-Sun Kang, MeiShan Piao, Boo-Ahn Shin, Hyun-Chul Lee and Jong-Suk Oh


We evaluated the ability of lactic acid bacteria, Weissella cibaria, isolated from the oral cavity to adhere to epithelial cells. W. cibaria efficiently adhered to KB cells and HeLa cells. In addition, W. cibaria efficiently adhered to Fusobacterium nucleatum. But the adhesiveness of W. cibaria disappeared upon exposure to LiCl or pronase, suggesting that the S-layer proteins of W. cibaria mediated the adhesiveness. The molecular mass of the S-layer proteins extracted from W. cibaria was approximately 50 kDa. When W. cibaria strains were washed with 0.45% saline, the bacteria were efficiently adhered to the epithelial cells. In conclusion, W. cibaria has the ability to adhere to epithelial cells through the S-layer proteins.


(A) A scanning electron micrograph of probiotic oraCMS2 which adhered to KB cells(the surface of the gums), an epithelial cell line. By preoccupying the sites, the probiotics, which are beneficial to oral health, prevent the adhesion of pathogens to gums, thereby inhibiting activities of pathogens.

research paper



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