Research Paper no.17

research paper

Effects of Weissella cibaria CMU on Halitosis and Calculus, Plaque, and Gingivitis Indices in Beagles

Source : J Vet Dent. 2019;36(2):135-142. / SCI / Animal Experimentation
Authors : Kyung-Hyo Do, Ho-Eun Park, Mi-Sun Kang, Jong-Tae Kim, Ji-Eun Yeu, and Wan-Kyu Lee


According to the results of the in vivo probiotics testing in 18 beagles, which was performed for 6 weeks, the reduction in the concentration of Volatile Sulphur Compounds(VSC) in subjects who took oraCMU was statistically significant compared with that in the control group.

research paper



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