Research Paper no.3

research paper

Inhibitory effect of Weissella cibaria isolates on the production of volatile sulphur compounds : Research Paper no.3

Source : J Clin Periodontol. 2006;33(3):226-32. / SCI / Clinical Trial Performed In Vitro

Authors : Kang M-S, Kim B-G, Chung J, Lee H-C, Oh J-S


According to the results of the clinical trial that the college of dentistry directed and that 46 participants participated, the concentration of H2S and CH3SH, both of which comprise a large proportion of VSC which is responsible for halitosis, was reduced by 48.2% and 59.4% respectively after a day of oraCMU intake.

research paper

Inhibitory effect of Weissella cibaria



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