Research Paper no.6

Research paper

Quantitative analysis of Weissella cibaria Against Periodontopathic Bacteria by Real-time PCR : Research Paper no.6

Source : J Bacterol Virol. 2009;39(4):1–11. / KCI / in vitro

Authors : Mi-Sun Kang, Hoi-Soon Lim, Seon-Mi Kim, You-Jin Lim, Hyun-Chul Lee and Jong-Suk Oh


According to the results of the study which incubated oraCMS2 and 5 different harmful bacteria in the same media and measured changes in the number of bacteria over time, the proliferation of 5 different periodontopathic bacteria, F. nucleatum, A. actinomycetemcomitans, T. forsythia, T. denticola, P. gingivalis, was significantly inhibited for 8~48 hours after incubation.

research paper



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