OraTicx Oral Probiotics Dental 3-Pack Set GREEN BREATH 1pc + TEETH & GUMS 1pc + IMPLANTICS 1pc
OraTicx Oral Probiotics - Benefits of Oraticx Probiotic : plaque protector, immune boosting, periodontitis pleaser, bad breath blaster
OraTicx Oral Probiotics - Bad breath be gone : essential step to improve your halitosis
OraTicx Oral Probiotics - Clinically researched oraticx dental probiotics
specialized in OraTicx Oral Probiotics - oral health : our patented probiotic strains
OraTicx Oral Probiotics - Revolutionary dental implant care : the proactive solution for oral biofilms prevention
Oral Probiotics Dental 3-Pack Set
Oral Probiotics Dental 3-Pack Set

Oral Probiotics Dental 3-Pack Set

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Oraticx teeth & gums

Naturally Supports Oral Health

Oraticx Green Breath

Naturally Freshens Breath

oraticx Multi kids

Dental & Digestive Health

OraTicx Oral Probiotics Dental 3-Pack Set



SOLUTION TO YOUR ORAL HEALTH: Your oral health has a major impact on overall health, medical costs, and quality of life. OraTicx Probiotics help provide a natural approach to the root causes of cavities, plaque, gingivitis, and bad breath halitosis.


PERFECT BALANCE OF GOOD BACTERIA: The high quality of oral probiotics can help populate the mouth with friendly bacteria. OraTicx supports a healthy mouth, improves oral health, encourages the growth of good bacteria, and stops the growth of bad bacteria.


BAD BREATH BLASTER: Bad breath is a sign that your mouth's oral microbiome is off balance. Oral probiotics are natural sources of causes of halitosis, bad breath, gingivitis, strep throat, and tonsil stones.


HEALTHY MOUTH & NATURAL IMMUNITY: Your mouth is the gatekeeper of your entire body! Oral health is a leading indicator of your overall health. Improving your oral health is essential to support and strengthen your immune system.


PREMIUM DENTAL PROBIOTIC STRAIN: Our pure & potent patented oral probiotic strains oraCMUTM and oraCMS1TM by Oraticx are the results of years of research begun in 1997 and this clinically studied probiotic strain of Weissella cibaria supports healthy teeth & gums, natural immunity, and fresh breath.


NO REFRIGERATION REQUIRED: New 3-Phase desiccant-lined bottle technology for shelf-stable probiotics! Take 1 to 3 lozenges daily. Allowing it to dissolve slowly in your mouth is an effective method for receiving the benefits of this oral probiotic tablet.


OraTicx Teeth & Gums is highly recommended for:
- Pro-active oral health
- Gum pain and hurt
- Canker sores treatment at home
- Dentures wearers, dental implant, or braces wearers

OraTicx GreenBreath is highly recommended for:
- Bad breath
- Dry mouth
- Etiquette for dating and business success

OraTicx Implantics Oral Probiotics
- Experience outstanding oral health after dental implants.

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